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BAIHE Dedicated to velcro oem/odm since 1999.
hookloop straps[ 11-11 16:49 ]
Magic is a snap fastener pop crooner, magic and taping with is what? You taping with which to understand the magic? Below I will for you to simply introduce.hookloop straps, also known as the hookloop strip, hookloop tie, it with ordinary bar with different, tie the ordinary, only the back design features, only more and more tightly tied.
hookloop stable market share, diversified development[ 11-11 16:46 ]
Textile accessories magic is the main products of the company, will do the fine, stable market share is the BAIHE hookloop manufacturers invariant goal. On this basis, further steadily diversified development company.
Environmental protection and energy saving product shot hook hookloop[ 11-11 16:44 ]
Since 1999, BAIHE has been in production research and development of new products, is committed to the development of the environmental protection and energy saving products more better.
The textile industry of high performance and high added value of green textiles[ 11-11 16:43 ]
According to the economic news report, recently faced Chinese textile industry changes include: the main beauty, Europe, Japan and other markets, export ratio dropped from an unlimited supply of labor resources to limited supply changes resulting from the rising labor costs, the cotton price instability triggered the benign development of the industry risk, the domestic market demand to put forward new demands on the industry.
Life change rapidly, the sticky buckle fashion elements[ 11-11 16:34 ]
Today, our life change rapidly, with the arrival of the era of personality. In the pursuit of fashion era, many decorative materials have become the modern pop elements, such as hand bead piece, hand embroidered cotton flower, hand series products, India silk badge, sticky buckle etc.. Are a lot of fashion master included, brewing into a clothing boutique! The imports of sticky buckle is applied to the clothing industry's most extensive.
hookloop to seek development?[ 11-11 16:31 ]
Stick buckle belt development has to a certain extent, slowly some of the company's new problems appear. For example Wuxi hookloop number and level is not high, especially a lot of supplier's service quality is low, do not accord with the development of modern service industry, everyone know, now the pursuit of quality of service, so Wuxi Velcro to seek development?
The excellent characteristics of magic with silk[ 11-11 16:30 ]
Silkworm silk are mature, pipe continuously vomit substances through its spinning, for there was no magic era, textile silk is used at most. Silk is composed of fibroin and sericin composition, can continuously guide line, its length is 1000 meters, is a kind of natural fibers in the long. With good toughness, elasticity, slender, shiny, soft, smooth and many other excellent properties is very ideal, textile, textile raw material of valuable and advanced.
Magic gum how to distinguish the glue?[ 11-11 16:25 ]
Magic gum called gummed tape, is sticking itself based on ordinary magic through adhesive, hot melt machine, the glue on the ordinary Velcro on the back, and then paste a layer of oily release paper is finished, the magic gum.
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