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hookloop straps and common tie price[ 11-11 16:20 ]
Tie is lashing fast, good insulation characteristics, self-locking ban solid, easy to use etc.. But for hookloop tie and ordinary plastic tie between the price, we will bring at analysis according to the 2 bar.One, service life: the ordinary plastic tie, lashing once fixed, belongs to the disposable goods, nylon hookloop straps in binding, if want to more route or don't want to be bound, can be directly removed, but the next time you can continue to use, and can be repeatedly used thousands of times;
Use self-adhesive adhesive hookloop[ 11-11 16:09 ]
The so-called self-adhesive hookloop actually means we usually said adhesive self-adhesive hookloop, it is in the ordinary nylon hookloop back surface coated with a layer of high strength adhesive strength of high quality glue, divided into double and single, usually to make according to customer demand.
With hookloop belt buckle for various uses[ 11-11 16:08 ]
1.hookloophookloop belongs to a regular hookloop, its use is a kind of magic stick inside is quite extensive, it is used very widely, furniture, medical, health, home, clothing, shoes, hats, building materials, hardware, plastic, accessories, hair, children's clothing, bags, all can be ordinary magic.
Shot hook hookloop purposes[ 11-11 16:07 ]
There are a lot of ejection hook hook, which is the most commonly used is 2#, 3# shot hook, hook type is also relatively short shot hook, hook hook type shorter has several major characteristics, soft texture, hook type dwarf, a hook surface arranged orderly, smooth, feel do not feel hook, not to hurt the hand, protect the skin, very suitable for use in baby diapers and slobber around, so there are a lot of diapers and slobber pocket use sea Velcro injection hook from felt, safe use up more!
Magic coat hanger is really good[ 11-11 16:05 ]
In said before, I only saw iron and plastic hanger, are a mixture of either plastic, or iron, rarely seen magic coat hanger, but in different times, there is always a lot of new things and high-tech products emerge in an endless stream list in front of us, as we arbitrarily choose!
hookloop tie binding, convenient and beautiful![ 11-11 16:03 ]
In the information explosion era, our side there is no various pictures, books and periodicals, pictorial, magazines, leaflets, toothbrush, bags, clothing, ball point pen, quilt cover, newspaper and so on, of course, need to take it up, then we tie it up, put it in the right place, hookloop straps can fix!
Home to use magic gum[ 11-11 16:02 ]
Magic gum, is a kind of paste materials, it is mainly played the role of connecting the A with the B! Widely used in all walks of life, the main veneer condition is the interface need to smooth, suitable for different temperature interface!
Effect of hookloop name generated confusion[ 11-11 16:00 ]
Now the magic used in our daily life is becoming more and more common, demand is also growing, has been applied in all walks of life, and is therefore a title for it is becoming more and more diverse. Therefore to contact or Velcro industry is of interest to us, it is necessary to. Understand, usually we mostly use which kinds of way more.
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